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Auricwhisper|Ref Sheet|Cloverclan by xXoGhostlyoXx
Auricwhisper|Ref Sheet|Cloverclan


:: Name: Auricwhisper
:: Past Names: Aurickit & Auricpaw
:: Clan: Cloverclan
:: Rank: Warrior
:: Gender: Male

:: Reason for name :: 
.....: Prefix: Auric: Relating to or containing gold. Given for his golden eyes and coat.
.....: Suffix: Named after his lack of speaking, and to remember the scar near his mouth.

:: Starting age: 2 years old.
:: Current age: 2 years old.
:: Breed Reference: Bengal x British shorthair x Norwegian forest cat

:: Past Mentor: Opalheart

:: Current Mentor: --

:: Past Apprentices: --

:: Current Apprentices: --



:: Written Appearance :: 
Large golden brown tabby with dark brown paws and ears, deep amber eyes.

:: Body Structure :: 
Muscular build that allows flexibility. 

:: Size and Height :: 
Larger than most cats, but not by too much. (Normal Cloverclan size.)

:: Fur Length and Texture :: 
Thick, dense, medium length fur that can block out almost anything.

:: Noticeable Features :: 
Deep amber eyes and scar across his nose and cheek. 

:: Scars :: 
The scar along his nose and cheek was received in a border skirmish while protecting his crush at the time.

:: Scent :: 
Pine needles with an underlying scent of honey.

:: Eye Color :: 



:: Sexuality :: 

.: Orientation: 
Heterosexual [Straight]

.: Looking for: 
A mate

.: Relationship Status: 

.: Activity: 
Mated with Skydrop.

.: Turn Ons in a Potential: 
- Appreciates silence every once in a while
- Doesn't push him to talk too much, understands he likes to be quiet.
- Openminded 

.: Turn Offs in a Potential: 
- Judgemental
- Pushy
- Liar/ Two-faced

.: Currently Attracted to: --


:: Personality ::

.Stoic & Cool. Auricwhisper doesn't show much emotion, he wears a stoic face and can sometimes be looked up to as cool. Although it does enhance his aesthetics, it's probably because he has no clue what to do since he doesn't ask or respond very much. This is why he always looks so 'cool' and blunt.

.Mysterious & Quiet. He prefers to go about his daily routine in silence, his inner monologue working away inside his brain. He often doesn't tell anybody what he's doing, and the only way you can tell he's listened is if he subtly nods his head. Otherwise, he just does things without saying a word like a machine. Cats around camp call him mysterious in the way he works, but it's just because he does what he's told without explaining it to anyone.

.Apathetic & Passionate. Yes, he can be both apathetic and passionate. With his everyday routine, he carries it out with a nonchalant expression and only does it to be an honourable warrior. He takes no great satisfaction from hunting or completing a border patrol, but he still has a will to be a dutiful warrior. However, when faced with something he takes great pride in or enjoys, he becomes incredibly passionate and zealous about it.

.Reliable & Honourable. Above all, Auricwhisper was raised to be a fair and kind gentleman. He takes great care to uphold his morals and stand for what's right and just. As an apprentice, he was seen as the reliable big brother type. As a warrior he continues to carry out this legacy, becoming evermore honourable and trustworthy to his peers.

:: Traits Overview :: 
[Stoic & Cool] - [Mysterious & Quiet] - [Apathetic & Passionate] - [Reliable & Honourable]



:: Belief Levels ::
..................... :.: Belief in Starclan - High
..................... :.: Belief that Truth will Prevail - High
..................... :.: Belief in True Love - High

:: Strongest skill :: 
Strength- Auricwhisper is great at overpowering other cats with brute strength. 

:: Strengths :: 
He also has remarkably good flexibility and speed for a cat his size and build. His overall athletic skills are top-notch. He's intelligent, but he can never get his thoughts across.

:: Weakest skil :: 
Social skills- He has hardly any grasp at maintaining a conversation or being romantic, and since he prefers to keep his speech to minimum he's very blunt when he does talk.

:: Weaknesses :: 
Teamwork is an area he lacks expertise, since he does things without informing anyone. He also can't get his thoughts across, which makes him seem stupid quite a lot.

:: Fears :: 
-Being thought of as stupid.
-Being judged on how he was raised.



.: Birth season: Autumn [Leaf-fall]

[ Pre-Birth ]
Embereyes and Reedcoat were both toms who fell in love as apprentices, but never became a couple until early warrior life. They were both treated quite badly by a few clan mates, but were mostly accepted. Embereyes was a soft, kindly tom with a pure heart whereas Reedcoat was a tough, stuck up cat who most never dared to cross paths with on a normal day, let alone if he was angry. Though their differences brought them together, and they watched as other couples had kits and started a family. Reedcoat was the one to mention that he wanted a family too, shocking Embereyes at the toms rare soft side, but he agreed that he wanted one too. It took a long time to find a cat who was willing to be a surrogate mother, but they eventually found a young she-cat called Briarspot who was desperate to have a kit. The couple were thrilled, and eventually Briarspot was announced pregnant with the toms kits. The labour was unexpectedly difficult, and unfortunately Briarspot did not survive the ordeal. Fortunately, the two kits survived, a healthy boy and girl.

[ Kit-hood ]
The two kits were raised by incoming and departing queens, while they were still on milk but as soon as they could eat solid foods Embereyes and Reedcoat took over the parenting. Aurickit and Coralkit were both strong, healthy kits that were taught to be open minded and polite to everyone by both their fathers. As they got oder, they began to notice the odd slur thrown at Embereyes and Reedgaze when they were in the nursery together with them, it was then that Aurickit learnt never to be rude to anybody. Reedcoat's dauntless and bold behaviour rubbed off on them, making sure they would never learn to back down from their opinion if they were right. Embereyes taught them to treat everyone with kindness and fair treatment. even as a kit, Aurickit never talked excessively, opposed to his younger sister Coralkit who talked for both of them. It was a great time, and set Aurickits morals correctly for life.  

[ Apprenticeship ] 
As an apprentice, Auricpaw developed his first crush. The cat was an older, quiet, tortoiseshell apprentice who was skilled at close combat named Skypaw. He would always ask to train with her after training with his mentor, to which she would always end up beating him. He continued to stay very close to Coralpaw, who became quite the catch according to the other apprentices and as they continued with their apprentice duties, their fathers began to make their way to the elders den, they both made sure to look after them well. 
All was well until his got into his first border skirmish with Skypaw by his side, at this time he had practised close combat more than any other apprentice and quickly fought off the other cats before finding Skypaw cornered. In an attempt to help, he threw himself at the warrior and although he successfully chased them out, he received a nasty swipe to his face. Although it was treated, the wound didn't heal completely and left a scar along the bridge of his nose and cheek. Skypaw was grateful, and took the opportunity to confess to Auricpaw who was a blushing wreck, but returned the feelings back. Auricpaw had always wanted to become Skypaw's mate, but before he could she was given her warrior name: Skydrop. He was proud of her, and decided to work extra hard to earn his warrior name. But one day , in the midst of a harsh leaf-bare, when he returned from a border patrol it was announced that she had died after falling from a tree in an attempt to catch a squirrel. He grieved, and although his family was there to talk to, he didn't talk about it to anyone. 
The rest of his apprenticeship went fairly quickly and Coralpaw was eventually confessed to but ended up turning the tom down, much to his anger. Auricpaw almost got in a fight with that tom, who was angry at being rejected by Coralpaw. Once Coralpaw had convinced Auricpaw not to fight the stupid tom, she ended up fighting him herself when he came back one more time despite their efforts to convince him. Auricpaw didn't look for romance for the rest of his apprenticeship.

[ Warrior ] 
As siblings, they were given their warrior names together and their fathers even crawled out of the elders den to stand at the front. Auricwhisper was given his name in remembrance to his scar he got protecting Skydrop and Coralspark for her impenetrable will, determination and passion she had. Auricwhisper had no problem carrying out their vigil, whereas Coralspark despised it. He continued to look after his family, going about his daily life with an apathetic outlook. The only things that excite him are close combat demonstrations, spending time with his family and helping look after other cats or kits. He also enjoys cloud watching and stargazing, but nobody really knows because he goes by himself.



.: Theme Song(s): 

.: Hobby: 
= Stargazing
= Watching the clouds
= Babysitting

.: Likes: 
+ Quite activities
+ Demonstrating close combat techniques        
+ Listening to others

.: Dislikes: 
x Being forced to talk or acknowledge somebody out loud.
x Repeating himself
x Climbing

.: Favorites :. 
> Flower: Lillies
> Prey: Fish    
> Activity: Herb patrol, or helping sort something out.
> Season: Autumn [Leaf-Fall]

.: Vocal Information :.
- Strong    
- Smooooth 
- Deep and pleasing to hear

.: Trivia Facts :. 
* He doesn't hate talking, he just prefers to keep it to a minimum. So he's just kind of blunt.
* Dislikes squirrels ever since Skydrop's death
* Loves his sister Coralspark.

.: Preferred Warrior Names:
Auricwhisper, Aurichush, Auriclull, Auricdrop, Auriceyes, Auricheart, Auriccoat.



.: Grandparents: 
.......... -Father's Side: Hawkeyes x Blackwidow & Branchfoot x Flowerpetal 
.......... -Mother's Side: Whitecloud & Bumblestripe
.: Parents:
.......... -Fathers: Reedcoat & Embereyes
.......... -Mother: Briarspot [Surrogate]
.: Aunts/Uncles:
.......... -Aunts: --
.......... -Uncles: --
.: Siblings: 
.......... -Brothers: --
.......... -Sisters: Coralspark
.......... -Littermates: Coralspark
.: Cousins: 
.......... -Female: --
.......... -Male: --
.: Crush: Skydrop 
.: Past Mates: 
.: Mate: 
.: Mated With: Skydrop 
.: Kits: 
.......... -Sons: 
.......... -Daughters: 
.......... -Adopted: 

:: Relationship Chart :: 



:: Time Zone:
 UTC/GMT +8 hours

:: Best times to rp:
Weekends are the best, but from around 6-10 pm anyday I usually check my messages every few days.

:: Best Way to Rp: 
Easiest and best would be notes. Definitely just try and RP through notes, it'll be so much easier than anything else.
Robinpaw had recently arrived back from a hunting patrol, and having caught two mice she decided she had earned herself a midday snooze.
Well, that was until she began to realise she was in the mood for talking, or just meeting someone in general. Then she spotted the perfect candidate strolling across the camp. Robinpaw got up to greet her, aware of the she-cat's shy behaviour.
"Hey Wishpaw!" She called softly from about four tail lengths away.


Jumping at the sudden noise the small apprentice who had been on her way to clean out her nest and get more moss whipped her head around to see Robinpaw. Just Robinpaw. Letting out a small breath she didn't realise she'd been holding she nodded to the colorful shecat. "I-it's nice to see you a-again, R-Robinpaw." She stuttered out, her tail tucked between her legs as she let a small smile brighten her face for a moment at the other apprentice. "H-how are you? S-still daydreaming about that tom you l-like?" She asked, teasing Robinpaw a little. But as soon as she said it she looked fearful like maybe the other female would get angry for the joke.


Robinpaw smiled back cheerfully, taking in the she-cats nervous composure.
She'll eventually warm up to me, I'm sure of it. We'll just work through it. I'm sure if I just treat her as I normally would with any other cat she'll be grateful.
"Haha, yeah Endlesspaw and I have decided to become mates once we're warriors. It's kind of a little more than a crush now." She giggled, with an obvious blush dusting her cheeks. "It's good to see you again, I thought we'd never get the chance to talk again with the way things have been getting busier in camp." She spoke gently, smiling back at Wishpaw before realising the small flaw in her words. "A-And obviously I wanted to talk with you, you know! That's what I meant by it was good to see you again, you see? Ahaha..." She laughed awkwardly, horribly aware of her stunning social awkwardness when it came to actually speaking with another cat.


Wishpaw chuckled softly and lightly at the she cats words but smiled softly because she knew she should when Robinpaw mentioned she would become Endlesspaw's mate. "Oh, congratulations, I'm sure you'll be very happy with him." She mewed in almost a whisper. The small apprentice was sure that Robinpaw would be happy with any tom she chose though how any she cat could find men touching them happy she didn't know. She became lost in her thoughts a little and when she realized Robinpaw was still speaking to her she blinked her wide violet eyes and caught that last bit of her long rambling sentence. Something about what she meant by good to see her. "D-don't worry I'm never offended. It has been busy in camp hasn't it?" She mewed, dipping her head in agreement.  


"Yes it has! Maybe it's always been this busy and we're only starting to realise it  since we're almost warriors now." She pointed out, "Though, with the recent illness it has piled on an added tone of stress to everyday activities since we're low on warriors I guess." Robinpaw added, before coming back to her senses after realising she hay have gotten lost in her ramble again. "Ah sorry about that, I get carried away. How have you been Wishpaw? Anything interesting happen?" She asked, directing her gentle eyes towards Wishpaw's large violet ones.


The small apprentice was more then happy to let Robinpaw talk and she nodded and blinked when necessary to let her know she was still listening but looked uneasy when the female tried to include her in the conversation. "Ah, i-it's fine. I really don't mind at all. N-nothing important has happened. J-just trying to focus on my training I suppose." She mewed softly, looking up at Robinpaw. "H-how's your training going?"


Robinpaw had started to notice the way Wishpaw would aim the conversation towards the other person, and in this case it was her. At the mention of training she brightened up once again like a sudden ray of light shining through a cloud. "Training's going great! I've got a feeling me and Endlesspaw will be getting our warrior names soon, it'd be great if we could have our ceremony together." She cooed, before becoming aware of her distracted state and shaking it off. "Hey Wishpaw, do you have any idea what you want your warrior name to be? I want mine to be something like Robinflight, Robinwing or Robinspring... something to do with flying or speed would be nice." She smiled, looking back to Wishpaw once more for her answer.


With a small nervous tinkling laugh Wishpaw shook her head, nervously shifting from paw to paw. There had been a time she had never thought she would make it to her warrior ceremony, that certainly she would die like Tawnypaw before then. Though now she was beginning to think she might make it there and the thought scared her far more then she thought it would. "No, I never gave much thought to becoming a warrior..." She confessed uneasily, her tail swishing the dirt around. "B-but all of your names were very nice Robinpaw. I'm sure whatever name they assign you will be very lovely." She murmured softly.


Robinpaw listened intently, "Thank you Wishpaw! I think your warrior name should signify something about you. Wishgaze would be good, because it emphasises your eyes." She replied, briefly meeting Wishpaw's  large purple eyes. "You do have very pretty eyes you know!" She complimented, flashing one of her purest smiles to show she was being serious. Robinpaw could only hope the shy female would take the compliment to heart and not brush it off, Wishpaw seemed to dislike it when she was he centre of attention so Robinpaw decided to move on quickly. "Say Wishpaw, would you mind if I left soon? I told Endlesspaw I'd meet him in a bit." She admitted a little abashedly, sad to leave their conversation so quickly.


Looking up and smiling the slightest smile Wishpaw nodded and blushed looking down. She wan't very good at taking compliments but she gulped and tried, her fur prickling in embarrassment. "O-of course you can go. I know how much you really love Endlesspaw so you should go ahead and meet with him." She mewed quietly as she forced herself to look back up at the other apprentice. "T-thank you for speaking with me Robinpaw. I... I enjoyed it." She added with a nervous sweep of her tail. Although Robinpaw made her nervous with all her energy and vigor about life the small brown shecat decided she rather liked her company even if she would rather sit quietly and let Robinpaw speak for them both.

Friendly conversations
Wishpaw and Robinpaw catch up after a long time, I'll draw a picture for this and it might just count as another apprentice level-up picture. 
If not then I'll just have to draw something else, like visiting star-lake or training with her mentor. 

Wish paw belongs to :icontheclansof-thevalley:
Pallidfreckle had just got back from another border patrol and had nothing to do. He had already nibbled away at the prey in front of him and had basked in the sun for enough time to make him retreat back into his usual spot in the shade. He had even attempted to sleep, but it seems that even sleep would not accept him. In an effort to relax he began tossing and turning before sitting back up and surveying the clan.


Fangblaze had successfully avoiding hunting patrol if he hadn't been spotted that day. Fangblaze shook his head, he's no good at hunting. Why they keep putting him on hunting patrol is a mystery. After many failing attempts he returned with nothing. As always he wasn't paying any attention and got caught into a thorn bush. Cursing, he tried to tangle out but it only made it worse somehow.


Pallidfreckle could see a flailing motion in the distance. He got up and moved towards it, the blurry figure began to make itself known as a cat caught in a thorn bush. "Oh! Excuse me, do you need some help!" He asked quickly, cursing himself hushedly at his stupid question. Of course he needed help, he was tangled in a thorn bush for Starclan's sake! "G-Give me a minute and I'll help untangle you." He stumbled, stress beginning to build up in him.


Fangblaze heard someone asking if he need any help. He felt surprised that anyone is talking to him other than bossing him around.
"Well these bushes aren't going to tangle themselves are they?" He talked softly and raspy, as if he wasn't used to talking much, unsure of which will be correct.


"Sorry, it was a silly question." He mumbled as he quickly set to work on untangling the sharp branches. It took a bit of fumbling and patient unhooking but Pallidfreckle could see the thorn bush begging to discard itself from the dark tom, until the point that he would be able to safely burst out. "I think that's it, if you try and force your way out now and the thorns will only snag your fur. It won't hurt." He told the tom, certain that his plan would work.


Fangblaze just grunted in acknowledgement. As the other tom was helping out he couldn't help but think to himself; When was the last time I talked to another cat? Was it Rosefeather? I think that was moons ago. He broke his train of thought as he listen to what the other tom had to say. He did as he was told with no problems, well almost. He had made a deep gash from earlier when he was struggling.


As the other tom broke free of his prickly prison, Pallidfreckle noticed the gash that had caused by the thorns. He quickly assumed it was from Pallidfreckle's order to force his way out, placing the blame on himself. "Oh no, was that my fault! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you to move if there was still thorns surrounding you." He apologised quickly, looking around desperately in an attempt to find something to cover the cut with. It wasn't bleeding too much, but it could get infected if left out in the open. Upon spinning his head around, he noticed a large leaf had fallen from the tree's above them in perfect timing. He went to grab the leaf and returned to Fangblaze to ask him for permission. "You don't mind if I just cover up your wound do you? I'm just worried it might get infected or something." He asked, unaware of his aqua eye that was on display after his frantic hurry which had pushed his fringe to the side.


Fangblaze looked dumbly in his different color eyes. They reminded of his mother, who too had different color eyes dark blue and dark green. Fangblaze snapped out of the haze when he asked to cover his wound.
"Um sure! It must've happen when I struggled earlier or something," He looked over to his wound. It didn't seem to bad.


"Oh thank goodness, I thought it was my fault." He breathed, smiling gently to himself before looking back to Fangblaze, "I think the leaf's stopped most of the bleeding. But you might want to go the medicine cat since a fairly deep gash." He told him politely, his voice still small despite giving an order.


Fangblaze nodded, "It's my own stupid fault since I wasn't paying any attention in the first place. Thanks."


Pallidfreckle could only stare back at Fangblaze as he thanked him, not expecting the acknowledgment."A-Ah no problem! But don't thank me yet, you're not in the medicine cat's den." He replied, feeling very flustered with a blush on his face.


Fangblaze smiled at him. It's nice to talk to someone, maybe the two can became friends. They head to the medicine den together and Fangblaze hasn't felt this happy in a long time.

Apologetic hero
Pallidfreckle helped Fangblaze out of a thorn bush, but notices a scratch on his shoulder and assumes it's his fault. So he apologises and eventually realises it's not his fault.
And yay, new friendship! He deserves it, the poor little baby.

Fangblaze belongs to :iconnerdy-knight:
Just thinking of making a different account for my weeaboo side, where I can upload all my anime and manga drawings. Just so if I do ever move on from my old interests I can just go straight to that account and there'll be less hassle. I'll probably be less active on that one, I'll mainly use it to keep my drawings on.

So never fear! I'll still be here~!
I'll start making it now, so I'll update this journal when I've made it. 

:new:UPDATE!// My new side account! Just click it! I've also commented down below so you can click on that too! Thank you everyone!

xXo Ghostly out! oXx
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