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Possible new character design? by xXoGhostlyoXx
Possible new character design?
for :icontheclansofthevalley: 

I'm thinking of making another meadowclan cat since I just killed one off and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. 
It's probably going to be another girl, but i'm still on the fence with gender. BUT I have got his/her history and personality sorted!

He/she would've come from a broken family that was abusive, however the rest of the clan didn't know. He/She now suffers from low self-esteem and occasional anxiety, constantly covering up one of her/his eyes in an attempt to look normal. He/she feels like they need to put on a strong appearance so that people don't know his/her true self. To others he/she appears very quiet and mysterious but will always wear a fake smile to help make friends.
His/her worst fear is to be thought of as weak by others since that's how he/she thinks of himself/herself.

Sorry for all the him/her since i'm still on the fence on whether it should be a girl or boy. If I go for a boy, then he'll be a little cutie who is sometimes mistaken for a girl. If I go for a girl then she'll be like one of those characters quiet and mysterious characters that read in the library or something, but still quite cute. Suggestions for names would be helpful too!

Lineart found here.

:new: He is a boy! It's official now. And thanks be to my lord and saviour :icontheclansof-thevalley: The two possible names are Pallidfreckle and Taupefreckle. Pallid meaning pale or sickly and Taupe meaning grey with a tinge of brown. I think I quite like Pallidfreckle. What do you think?
Poor, Sweet, Clueless Little Robinpaw. by xXoGhostlyoXx
Poor, Sweet, Clueless Little Robinpaw.
So this is a picture of Shiningflame and Robinpaw having a slightly awkward conversation about the kits. Robin paw has no clue that the Father of the kits is actually her mate-to-be Endlesspaw. This is 2/4 for moving Robinpaw up!

The Rp is below, Robinpaw is the bolded:


Shiningflame headed out of the nursery into the cold morning light, glaring around. She'd had little to no sleep that night, her kits had been kicking like crazy. And she was getting so fat.
Growling in annoyance, she padded over to the fresh kill pile, and started eating a mouse.
I'm so angry right now I could claw some cat... If only Smokefeather wasn't being nice to me....


Robinpaw had only just woken up, being told she was going on the morning patrol, until they replaced her with another cat.
Goddammit, now i'm up. I won't get back to sleep now!
The she-cat looked around the dim camp and saw Shiningflame! She'd almost forgotten to congratulate her on getting her warrior name. She walked straight on over, only to recognise that the she-cat was in a sour-mood.
Oh, whoops. Not the best time I guess...I can't just say nothing though now i'm here! She thought to herself.
"Morning Shiningflame, I just wanted to congratulate you on getting your warrior name. Sorry it's not the best timing though." She added on a little awkwardly.


Shiningflame's head snapped around when hearing her name.
Something like guilt stirred in her stomach when seeing the apprentice who loved the cat whose kits she was carrying, but it was quickly smothered by anger.
Forcing her claws back into their sheaths, she turned to face Robinpaw.
"Greetings, Robinpaw," she mewed, her tone clipped and as cold as ice. " I suspect that it won't be a long time until you get your warrior name."
And then you'll be in the nursery with Endlesspaw kits, you fluff-brained mouseheart!


I hope that's the pregnancy hormones. She thought with a slight gulp.
"I've still got a while to go." She admitted, cringing a little, "So how's the pregnancy going? I bet it can be a real pain in the neck sometimes." She tried to make light conversation, clearly noticing the strange tension in the air.
Please be the pregnancy hormones.


"Yes..." She mewed, her tone still the same.
Especially when the cat whose kits I'm carrying has left me for you!
""Yes," she repeated. "It really is."
Looking around, Shiningflame saw no-one was coming to her rescue.
"Where's Smokefeather when you need him?" she muttered under her breath.


Robinpaw started to cringe at the atmosphere of their conversation,
"Is it just Smokefeather with you in the nursery? Because if you ever needed a helping paw with anything, I know some other apprentices and I would love to help!~" She smiled, hoping she could settle the awkward tension between them.


"Poppypetal's in there too," She reminded the apprentice, some of the harsh anger she had felt was starting to melt away. Of course, Robinpaw wasnt her favourite cat still, but the apprentice couldn't help falling for that filthy flirt Endlesspaw...
"I think I'll be able to manage until the kits come," she mewed, letting out a polite, maybe nearly genuine smile. "After that I guess it will be harder..." she trailed off.


"Ah ok, Everyone's super excited to see the kits! We all know their going to be the cutest!" Robinpaw cooed, she wasn't sure who the father was, but she'd guessed Shiningflame would rather keep it to herself, so she avoided it.
"You're going to be an amazing mother, I over heard the medicine cat and some others say so." She chuckled, thinking of kits herself.
"Makes me jealous!" She laughed good-naturedly, though she did feel a little envious of the she-cats natural skill.


Shiningflame couldn’t help but smile at Robinpaw’s praise.
“Thank you,” she mewed, then stopped at what Robinpaw said next.
She’s jealous of me? Wow, she really doesn’t know anything.
“I-I guess all she-cats will be prepared for motherhood when their time comes…” she mewed quietly, shifting her paws. But it wasn’t my time, was it? Endlesspaw didn’t mean to make me pregnant. I was just a mistake.


Robinpaw was glad to get a real smile out of Shiningflame,
Thank goodness, She thought, relieved.
"Well, best wishes from all us apprentices! And keep up the good work! Thornclan's lucky to have you and your kits." She cheered, getting up from her sitting position to signal her leaving.
"And don't hesitate to use the opportunity of being pregnant to get some cheeky special treatment!" She chuckled, before leaving for her next patrol.


Shiningflame couldn't help but let out a chuckle.
Heh, she almost reminds me of myself in my younger days... look at me now.
"Don't worry, I will," she mewed after her.


Shiningflame belongs to :iconsmokestar11:
Robinpaw's first catch by xXoGhostlyoXx
Robinpaw's first catch
1/4 of moving Robinpaw up to becoming a warrior.
Shinny got me inspired because I don't want her being left behind when Endlesspaw gets his warrior name. Maki Pout Icon 
So here's her first catch, she loves chasing her prey so rabbits are her speciality. 
Just thinking of making a different account for my weeaboo side, where I can upload all my anime and manga drawings. Just so if I do ever move on from my old interests I can just go straight to that account and there'll be less hassle. I'll probably be less active on that one, I'll mainly use it to keep my drawings on.

So never fear! I'll still be here~!
I'll start making it now, so I'll update this journal when I've made it. 

:new:UPDATE!// My new side account! Just click it! I've also commented down below so you can click on that too! Thank you everyone!

xXo Ghostly out! oXx
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All depending on how much detail and if you want a time limit.

A more complex drawing; More attention to details, bigger, better quality background, transparent background would cost you about 5+ :points:

*These prices all depend on what you want and when you want it. I'm happy to bargain with you, or maybe do an art swap if your feeling tight on points.

However, I don't get many requests so even though i'm not too active, I'll probably get it done in around a week or two.

Also, these points usually go to keep the groups i'm in a supergroup. For example, :icontheclansofthevalley:

//REAL AMOUNT//: 0 ! Ha

Thanks! x o x o x o x o x o x o


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