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It’s been a day or so since the nightmares started for the medicine cat’s of the valley. But despite all the effort these cat’s have put into their charms, they don’t seem to be working. The nightmares are continuing but at least they seem to be less often, more like once or twice a night instead of constantly plaguing the cats.

Violeteyes's charm hadn't been a complete failure. It kept the dreams at bay compared to previous sleeps, and she reaped the small amount of sleep she could get after the sleepless nights before. This is just the beginning now, a warning for what is ahead. I must be even stronger if I am to get through them. She thought to herself, nuzzling into her nest rich with the aroma of herbs and flowers. TO become you strong you must not over work yourself, you need rest to work your best.

Although worn down it seems like the cat’s are still staying strong and trying to find answers to their mysterious dreams. But the rest of the clan goes on and keep living, ignorant to the nightmares of these cats.

Her fatigue has worn off to a small extent, and she still questions the suffocating feathers of her dreams. It takes up hours of her days, considering the possibilities before getting lost in her intricate web of thoughts. These hours begin to eat away at her mind, slowly causing her to get more and more obsessed with the dream. It's difficult to escape the mindset when a Clan mate needs her to remove a thorn or check their temperature.  

But all is not well in their little world. For in every clan there is a single kit who has just eaten dinner and they aren’t feeling the best. They will all tell an adult later that night that they don’t feel good but they’ll brush it off as a bellyache and tell them it’ll be okay. But then later they’ll tell someone that it’s more then their belly, they’ll explain they don’t feel good, and they won’t look too good. The kits will be rushed to the medicine cat’s den to be looked over.
And it doesn’t look good. The kits are all displaying terrible symptoms including; fever, a bad wet cough, sore throats, muscle soreness, dizziness, and stomach pains.

Not too long after she begins to recover from her fatigue, Needlekit is brought to the medicine cat den for inspection. He felt sick last night, but simply brushed it off, only to feel even worse the next morning. Nothing added up though, the symptoms he was displaying were nothing she had seen combined before. She realised she would need to find a new cure for this new sickness, but for the time being she tried to help Needlekit with whatever she could. Chamomile for soothing, poppy seeds to help sleep and poppy flowers to help with the coughing. If he could get some sleep he may be able to prevent more harm, right?

Their loved ones are panicking. This is different then any other illness the clans have seen in some time. The medicine cat’s are stumped about what to help heal these kits but they are trying their hardest. But the kits are getting worse and worse. Until an herby taste appears in each medicine cat’s mouth. An herb combination they never thought to try before. Maybe this is a sign from star clan! And maybe, just maybe, this is the cure they are looking for.

After several tries to cure Needlekit, she stops and simply lets him sleep again with poppy seeds and lavender for relaxation. The poor kit must be exhausted with the coughing he's been doing. While Needlekit sleeps, Violeteyes and Thistlestar discus the dreams they've been plagued with, only to realise they're the same! Thank Starclan she wasn't alone on this mission! Upon talking, they both taste herbs out of nowhere, and Violeteyes diagnoses Thistlestars taste to be Echinacea, a flower used to combat infections. Violeteyes recognises her own taste to be Mahatita, a flowery weed used to ease upper respiratory coughing. Could this be the herb combination needed to cure Needlekit?
They both raced as quick as they could to find the herbs, and Violeteyes cursed her handicap for slowing her down when she most needed time to be her Ally. Luckily they both returned with the herbs present, the question is, will they work?
Will this work?
So I write a story for the medicine cat event, as I realised I was too late to draw something. 
Haha, fun story, I was actually at a friends house because my parents were on holiday and I forgot to bring my TABLET! So hopefully, i'll make a picture for the story soon. 

My herb was Mahatita! I'm not sure what kind of plant that is, but I'm gonna draw it as a kind of weed with small flowers. 

This is for :icontheclansofthevalley:
Violeteyes Dream Catcher by xXoGhostlyoXx
Violeteyes Dream Catcher
The dream starts with the cawing of birds, flapping of dark feathers, crying sounds of young cats and wailing desperate cries of elders can be heard. It's dark and the cat stumbles around trying to see. But they can't, feathers are blocking their vision and the sounds of distress can be heard; coughing, sputtering, dying noises. Your cat tries to help, to see those who are in trouble but feathers keep blocking their vision no matter how hard they try to get them out of the way. 
And slowly the sounds dull and darken and then everything goes black. 
.... And then the nightmare starts over again.

So this is Violets version of the dream catcher, it's like the daisy chains she used to make as an apprentice, but has violets and cobwebs woven into it. Every night, she wraps more cobweb into it to ensure her nightmares don't harm her or come across so strongly as they once did. 

The meaning behind her charm is that it reinforces the newfound strength of her front legs, it symbolises not only her physical strength now, but also her spiritual strength. The flower chain itself holds a nostalgic value as she used to make them as a hobby when she was an apprentice, and a young warrior, struggling to find her place in the Clan. And the violets of course are a personal touch to make it her own special charm! 

Hope it looks good, I really like my idea personally. Kirino Kousaka (Smile) [V1] 
This is for :icontheclansofthevalley:
Just thinking of making a different account for my weeaboo side, where I can upload all my anime and manga drawings. Just so if I do ever move on from my old interests I can just go straight to that account and there'll be less hassle. I'll probably be less active on that one, I'll mainly use it to keep my drawings on.

So never fear! I'll still be here~!
I'll start making it now, so I'll update this journal when I've made it. 

:new:UPDATE!// My new side account! Just click it! I've also commented down below so you can click on that too! Thank you everyone!

xXo Ghostly out! oXx
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*These prices all depend on what you want and when you want it. I'm happy to bargain with you, or maybe do an art swap if your feeling tight on points.

However, I don't get many requests so even though i'm not too active, I'll probably get it done in around a week or two.

Also, these points usually go to keep the groups i'm in a supergroup. For example, :icontheclansofthevalley:

//REAL AMOUNT//: 0 ! Ha

Thanks! x o x o x o x o x o x o


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